About us

Didsbury SciBar is a bunch of people with a passing interest in science meeting once a month for an informal chat over a beer or wine in a pub. The SciBar is run by the British Science Association, so we have the clout to get top researchers to come and give an informal chat on what they do. It's not a lecture, its a short talk between the scientist and the audience, then an interactive discussion usually follows until the questions are exhausted. There is no assumed knowledge of the subject - come along if you're interested in finding out more about the topic. Child friendly - you're welcome to bring young inquiring minds along.
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Why come to SciBar?

If you have a general interest in science, then it’s a good place to learn a bit more, or to ask the questions you’ve always wanted answered. You don’t have to know about the subject, or indeed about science – just turn up with an inquiring mind. It’s a FREE event thanks to the generosity of the speakers, the venue and the organisers, all in the spirit of engaging the public in science.

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Why do researchers speak at SciBar?

Researchers benefit from speaking to the SciBar audience. In addition to improving their speaking skills, they get to talk directly to the general public. Many of these scientists are working in fields that are eventually of benefit to mankind — from medicine to making a more efficient car engine. By engaging with the general public, they gain invaluable feedback in terms of what the people need, want, love and fear. It informs them, you and us.


Didsbury SciBar meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at The Albert Club, Old Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury. The speaker varies each month. Entry is FREE and new members are always welcome. Come along and banish those Monday blues, have a chat and a drink and, weather permitting, a bowl on the green.