20th July – Cosmological and Biological Evolution – Andrew Planet

Evolution has become a byword ever since its inception into the scientific paradigm after Charles Darwin informed us of the concept through his phrase “descent with modification” when in 1859 he published On the Origin of Species.

That entails biological evolution through natural selection on our home planet.  All life on Earth, the Earth itself and the Galaxy our star system revolves about, is derived from another type of evolution, that off the ubiquitous chemical elements that have been forged by several developmental and generative changes in this universe.

These have been fashioned during all time and across all space through the cosmological evolution of matter, from the big bang to stars to humankind and we suspect to other life forms elsewhere in this universe.  Just like the scientist Carl Sagan said many times “we are star stuff.”

This lecture begins with the cultural evolution of human perspectives of reality, explains what we can now prove as actual and ends with consideration for our future and for life elsewhere.

Andrew Planet will be joining us online to present this event. Andrew is a science enthusiast involved in the online world of live streamed scientific events.   He is a long-term member of Astronomy Cast, DeepAstronomy, SAGANet, SETI, The Planetary Society and the Weekly Space Hangouts. He has given several classes on Cosmological and Biological Evolution mainly to state schools and private educational concerns.

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