17th September 2018 – Is There Life on Mars, or Anywhere Else But Earth? – Professor Matthew Cobb

We have all looked out at the night sky and wondered if there is life out there.

The sheer scale of the Universe and the billions of exo-planets suggests that there must be.

In this thought-provoking lecture, Professor Matthew Cobb explores both the evidence and above all our pre-conceptions that lead us to think that there are aliens, contrasting these assumptions with the reality of the history of life on Earth, the only kind we know. Spoiler: no one knows the answer.

Questions both during and after the talk will be welcome.

Matthew Cobb, professor of Zoology at the University of Manchester will present this topic.

Monday 17th September. 18:30 start. FREE admissionThe Albert Club, Old Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2PA