15th February – Synaesthesia And The Psychology Of The Senses – Dr Clare Jonas

Did you know that some people see music as they listen to it, taste the words they speak, or feel it on their own body when someone else is touched? These people are synaesthetes, and I’m one of them!

I’ve spent ten years researching not only synaesthesia, but how all of us link together the senses to create a coherent understanding of what the world around us is like. In this talk, I’ll talk about what’s going on in the minds of synaesthetes, show you some games that illustrate how the brain makes sense of the vast amount of sensory information we encounter every moment, and even tell you how you can fool wine buffs with food dye.

Dr Clare Jonas is a science communicator with a PhD in psychology. In her spare time, she writes That Thinking Feeling, a blog which explores how psychology can answer everyday questions like why we have superstitions and how to cope with stress.

This is an online event hosted via Zoom. Register for FREE via Eventbrite.