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20th January – Weaponising the Immune System in the Battle Against Cancer – Prof Richard Edmondson & Caitlin Waddell

It’s often talked about as the “battle against cancer” but how does the body actually fight back against this disease and more importantly how can we help it do better.

At last we understand at least part of this process and so, as we engage in major clinical trials of immunotherapy in Greater Manchester and beyond come and hear about what we know so far, the issues with immunotherapy  and how we plan to overcome them.

Prof Richard Edmondson from the University of Manchester and Caitlin Waddell from the Department of Cancer Research, St Marys Hospital, Manchester present this topic.

Monday 20th January @ 18:30. FREE admission. All Welcome.

The Albert Club, Old Lansdowne Road, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2PA